Various Commercial

Commercial Work

Various commercial offices and shops have asked us if we could help with the direct sun that was shining into their premises and making their workers uncomfortable and less productive due to the heat issues.

We treated all with one of our high quality window films and solved their problems with direct sunlight.

  • Work Completed By: Solar Guard
  • Date Completed: 2016
  • Installation: Solar Window Film
  • Clients: Auto Direct San Miguel, Hairdresser Villamartin, Spain Homes Campoamor, La Marina Mercadona and SAVI Benissa, Alicante.
Mobile Home in Benidorm with Window Film Fitted

Mobile Home Installation

Benidorm Mobile Home Installation

Campsites up near the holiday resort of Benidorm, Villamar, Almafra, Raco, Villasol, Benisol and Armanello
have all been paid visits by Solar Guard this past year.

These mobile homes can get very hot and make life most uncomfortable for the occupants in the hot summer of Costa Blanca.

Solar Guard quality solar control film lends itself perfectly in these circumstances. As many mobile home owners have discovered.

Portfolio Alicante Large Property

Alicante Installation

Large Property Alicante Window Film Installed

Here at Solar Guard, no job is too small or in this case too large. We have installed window film since 2002 in the Costa Blanca and have encountered every scenario possible.

This large property was suffering from the direct rays of the Alicante sun. Once treated with our quality window film, especially used for hot, sunny conditions. The property became comfortable again during the hot summers of the Costa Blanca.

El Valle Urbanisation Window Filming

El Valle Urbanisation

Installing Window Film in El Valle

These properties on the El Valle Golf course were suffering from direct sunlight. This was causing overheating and furniture fade. There was also an issue with Privacy and all the passing golfers seeing clearly into the property.

We addressed all these issues by fitting Solar Guard high quality window film and the problems which accompanied the Costa Blanca summer were solved.

Quality Window Film on house in Quesada


Quesada Residential

Quesada can be very hot in the summer sometimes making life uncomfortable for the residents even in their homes. We have installed window film in rooftop conservatories as well as the more usual places around the house.

We installed Solar Guard high quality window film preventing heat issues, furniture fade and harmful UV rays.

  • Work Completed By: Solar Guard
  • Date Completed: 2016
  • Installation: Solar Window Film
  • Clients: Domestic, Quesada, Costa Blanca.
Quesada Residential Window Film Fitting


Installation of Window Film in Quesada

This customer had severe heat issues and furniture fade in the hot sun of Costa Blanca. Solar Guard high quality window film was installed and the customer regained living space and protected his furniture from the harmful effects of the sun.

Villamartin Commercial Window Film Installation


Commercial Installations

Solar Guard are able to make small and large window film installations.

Staff can be a lot more comfortable in the hot summer heat making them more productive. Products will be less likely to fade in the direct sunlight and Air conditioning costs should be smaller.

Torrevieja Residential Window Film Installation After


Window Film Installations in Torrevieja

This customer had heating and privacy issues. We installed Solar Guard high quality window film and solved their issues instantly. Preventing the suns harmful UV rays from penetrating fully and preventing furniture fade.

Privacy and Security

They also have the added Privacy benefit during daylight hours. They now have the ability to see out without anyone being able to see in which also enhances their security.

Conservatory Outer After Installation

Conservatory Installation

Conservatory Installation in Costa Blanca

Heat issues with the sun made this Conservatory unusable most of the day. After treatment with Solar Guard high quality window control film, the conservatory could be used all day.